Tumbling Illustrated

“Unleash Your Inner Acrobat”

Step-by-Step Guide gives you 248 Moves You Can Master
even if You’ve Never done a Somersault or can do Full Twisting Back Flips

Dear Tumbler,

You may be thinking you could never pull off any move like those done by professional acrobats, gymnasts, or shaolin monks. What if I told you you were wrong? What if you could?

Keeping in shape use to be a top goal of mine but its gone beyond that now. I want more. I want complete control. To be able to pull off impressive moves for the personal challenge but also to WOW others. To feel good and powerful, really to be my own sort of superhero. To train like a Ninja!

I know its tough when you look at super-high level athletes and think “I could never do that.” That you have no way to get there. Even though you may want it badly, it seems like there is no plan nor way of training to do it.

But there is a way to do this safely and reap the benefits no matter your level. And if you stick to it in a little time you’ll be doing moves that’ll leave others saying, “I wish I could do that!”

That’s why I started this website. To help others like me reach their dreams. It started with hand balancing but I’ve always wanted to share much more.

Live Your Childhood Dreams and Do the Moves You’ve Always Wanted To!

There is a certain level of superiority I sense around most gymnasts. Some elitism because you ‘HAVE’ to be a gymnast or professional acrobat to do this stuff. Not anymore.

Not to knock gymnastics. What I learned there was invaluable. The coaching was great and the facilities optimal. If you can afford classes and have one nearby I recommend you take it.

But not everyone has that luxury. For the regular guy there has never been a way to get started. No teachings to learn the basics. Or take those basics to the next level. Now that has changed.

Train Like a Gymnast…Without Being a Gymnast.

Here’s the thing. People seem to think they can’t get started without being a gymnast. I want to not only dispel that myth, but get you started right now.

Let me tell you a bit about my story. The class that I wanted to attend was for former gymnasts. What this meant is that you were required to have some skill before you even began the class. The problem was I had never taken gymnastics before!

If you can’t attend the class unless you have some skill and you can’t gain the skill without the class what do you do? The truth is you CAN gain the skill without the class…by training on your own.

You can train like this in the great outdoors, just like I did. A park or the beach is perfect. Martial arts studios or anywhere with a matted floor works just as good. In fact each place has its own advantages and disadvantages.

I worked my skills up to a decent enough level to attend the class. It was good, useful experience, but since that time I’ve stopped going to gymnastics and returned to training outside on my own!

If You’ve Always Wanted to Bust Out Acrobatic Moves
but Never Known How, Now’s Your Chance.

One reason that hand balancing draws so many people in is because it demonstrates absolute control over your body. The ability to move in any which way and remain in control. All aspects of strength training and various branches of physical culture is really about this one aspect…CONTROL.

Nothing displays that more than various acrobatics. It really is the Ultimate in Control and Coordination.

Even if you are older or bigger than the average person, there is no reason for you not to get started. Perhaps you don’t want to do high-flying moves. Still the ability you gain from the basic moves is more than worth training like this. You don’t have to do crazy flips and springs to get the biggest benefits.

This is ‘Functional Training’ at its best. Because nothing else will teach you how to move better. It is bodyweight training taken to the highest level.

“Viewing your videos and reading your articles helped me to refine my views of what is possible with physical culture training. Before I made a visit to your site, I paid virtually no attention to the athletic side of physical training, and I new very little about the many benefits which can be derived from doing handstands and related movements. I have no desire to become a professional gymnast or acrobat, but I find that the type of training which you promote on your site improves my athleticism and strength tremendously. Thanks for running a great and innovative site.”
-Rob Drucker

The biggest question is how do you go about getting started?

Acrobatic Flips, Springs, Balances and More all at your Fingertips

Tumbling Illustrated is an long forgotten book by L.L. McClow. There was much debate in deciding the best way to teach acrobatics to you, and for a long time I put off the decision. So why did I finally choose this book to help you? Let me tell you.

Tumbling Illustrated has an incredible array of exercises. In fact there are 248 different moves, split up into 21 different categories. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 16 Forward rolls
  • 19 Backward rolls
  • 8 Dives
  • 14 Head Balancing Moves
  • 24 Hand Balancing Moves
  • 5 Forearm Balancing Moves
  • 6 Cartwheels
  • 5 Roundoffs
  • 4 Head and Hand Springs
  • 12 Hand Springs
  • 8 Backward Hand Springs
  • 17 Back Bends
  • 9 Upstarts aka Floor Kips
  • 10 Flips
  • 8 Combination Rolls
  • 9 Combination Hand Springs
  • 3 Combination Hand Springs and Flips
  • 6 Combination Hand Springs and Rolls
  • 4 Combination Balances and Rolls
  • 6 Miscellaneous Combinations
  • 55 Novelty Stunts

From Somersaults to Running Gainers, Handstands to Tinisca’s this Book has it All

The sheer variety is astounding. Plenty for you to work on no matter your skill level.

In addition, each move is rated on difficulty. Its not an exact science. Holding a handstand and doing a front flip (both given an 8] are different skills entirely. But within their own categories, it’s an especially helpful tool.

Almost every single move is not only described in words but shown with stick figures. Now you might think that stick figures couldn’t be of much help, but you would be wrong. They show the movements surprisingly well as you can see from a couple of the images below. Of course the added text gives you hints on the specifics you need to do the moves as well.

Back Bend to Handstand

Forward Roll One Foot


You aren’t going to look at the back handspring picture and think ‘oh that’s how its done’ and be able to do it immediately, at least in the cases of the more difficult moves. But many of the simpler moves you will be able to say just that and then do it!

So if there is one drawback to this book its that you won’t instantly be able to do everything. But the way its laid out, you can progressively make your way to harder and harder moves.

Moves You can do Right Now and Moves You can Aspire to


With the great variety of moves you’re bound to come across many that you can do immediately. The greatest thing in this book is that there are moves you’d have never even thought about doing. Many of these moves are low-risk and can be done right away with a little practice.

Many of the more basic skills, and their numerous variations, will teach you how to control your body better. This will lead right into doing the more difficult skills.

Back Handspring Spotter

“Is this the best answer to learning acrobatics?
Wouldn’t I be better suited with professional help?”


Sure, having a coach and the proper facility would be the best answer. I have attended a gymnastics class off and on in the past. One of the reasons it was on and off was the price. At $124 per month I just couldn’t afford to continue month in and month out.

That was for 2 classes a week about an hour and a half long. Not to mention being an adult class the scheduling was less than optimal for me, but these were the only two classes available. Take ‘em or leave ‘em you still had to pay for the whole month.

That’s $1488 for a Year!

The sad thing is most of those in the class never really seemed to get any better. It was more a matter of going through the motions. I don’t know about you, but if I’m paying that kind of money I want RESULTS.

But if you take the moves detailed in Tumbling Illustrated you’ll be kept busy for more than a year. You’ll get more moves than you’ll learn in a gymnastics class.

Don’t worry, this won’t even close to the cost of one month of gymnastics even though its worth much more.

You can get Tumbling Illustrated for only $29.95 plus shipping/handling or the ebook for less than $20.

Guarantee That You Will Become A Better Acrobat

With a glance inside, I am sure you will agree that this book is worth far more than the price you pay. This information is so good, I guarantee that not only will you enjoy it but that it will make you better at tumbling. And you have three months to make sure.

You can get your hands on this course risk-free!

Bridge Turnover

Bonus Downloadable Audio (A $19.95 Value)

As a special bonus when you order Tumbling Illustrated I’m throwing in the downloadable recording of a special teleseminar I held. You’ll receive this immediately after you place your order. This ‘Tumbling Teleseminar’ includes:

  • Warming-up for Tumbling
  • The steps to take to go from the basic rolling techniques to the high-flying aerial moves
  • How exactly I worked up to the backflip (my step-by-step process as well as additional techniques to get you there faster)
  • How to master skills like the back bend and walkovers
  • Flexibility and Strength, what you need and what you don’t
  • Four specific tips on overcoming fear


Yes, Logan I want to get my hands on Tumbling Illustrated where I will find:

  • Full stick figure diagram detailing almost every of the 248 moves found in the book.
  • Every move graded by difficulty and each move leading right into the next.
  • All the basics you must learn before you move onto the high flying acrobatics.
  • Tricks they never show in Gymnastics that can be invaluable for your training.
  • Variations of every stunt that you wouldn’t think of – but teach you how to move better and improve your control.
  • Plus the Bonus Audio Tumbling Teleseminar that covers much more.


Tumbling Illustrated Physical Book
Only $29.95



Tumbling Illustrated eBook
Only $19.95


Good Luck and Good Tumbling,
Logan Christopher

P.S. If you’re currently attending a gymnastics class, or otherwise training acrobatics than you should definitely get you hands on this course to add tons of moves to your repertoire.

P.P.S. Even if you have no aspirations of pulling of high-risk aerial moves, you can gain all the benefits from the basic moves found in the book. How far you take it is entirely up to you. Order Here.

P.P.P.S. Here’s a couple comments from people who’ve ordered

“It has helped me to do the roll over and handstand with relative ease.”
– Leo Gullsten of Sweden”It has given me new ideas when I do martial arts demos for fun.”
– Ben Cooke of Healdsburg, CA”Tumbling Illustrated has given me confidence to follow a stepwise approach.”
– Malcolm Lazarus of Campbeltown, UK