“Discover The Secrets From The Greatest Hand Balancers Of All Time!”
Now You Can Use Their In-Depth Knowledge To
Build The Strength And Skills You’ve Always Desired
Dear Hand Balancer,

I can recall my first attempts at a handstand like they were just yesterday. All the frustration and embarrassment being what I remember the most. I was going at it with absolutely no instructions except “just try to stay on your hands.”

But I’m not the kind of person that just gives up easily. I knew that I wanted to be able to hold a handstand so I did what any person would do. I hopped on the internet and went to the search engines.

I was dismayed. The only things I could find were videos of professionals but not a single line of text about how I could get started down this path. I kept the search up while I was still practicing my ugly handstands for days on end, likely doing more damage than good with my sloppy and incorrect form.

A Stroke Of Luck Changed Everything
Finally, one day I happened upon this rare book called The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing written by two men, Professor Paulinetti and Bob Jones.
I paid the excessive cost because I knew that this book was something special. I was not disappointed and neither will you be when you find out what it contains.

What Make These Two Men The Best Hand Balancers Ever?

The first, Professor Paulinetti, was superior to every man in the hand balancing game. He originated many of the tricks including the truly unbelievable one-arm planche. Not only could he stand on one hand better then most people could on one leg, but he was as good at teaching others as performing.

Robert Jones was one of Paulinetti’s most promising pupils. His most legendary skill was the thumbs balance on the tips of Indian clubs. This and other feats made him famous and he was featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not nine times.

Between the two of them there was 70+ years of practicing and teaching hand balancing and gymnastics. Back in the 1940’s they wrote THE book on this art. In order to pass their memory and teachings on I have made this book available again today because this “lost” information cannot be allowed to slip into the cracks of time. With their aid you will not have to suffer through practicing your handstands any longer without the knowledge of how to do it right.

Would you like to learn from two of the greatest hand balancers of all time?

Handstand in One Week and Pullups Increased Too!
“I managed a handstand after practising everyday for a week after never doing one before. Training with the handstand and everything else in the book has completly changed my training routine and vastly improved my strength. Strangely my pullups have also improved from handstand training and I haven’t trained them for a while now. I was very pleased and surprised. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone!!!”
James G Thomas – Wales, U.K.

All Techniques Broken Down

“The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing is great. A friend of mine which is already as mobile on his hands as he is on his feet glanced through the book and was amazed someone actually took the time to break down all different techniques.”
Nick Perreta – Naples, FL
Attention Beginners: Learn How To Start Correctly

If you’re just starting out you shouldn’t be scared of the feats these men performed. The fact is that you cannot advance to the difficult feats without a firm grasp on all the basics.

If you’re just starting out you shouldn’t be scared of the feats these men performed. The fact is that you cannot advance to the difficult feats without a firm grasp on all the basics.

Inside you’ll discover how you should kick up into very first handstand and hold it. In fact an entire chapter is devoted to this topic alone. With this knowledge you can easily cut your learning curve in half.

-The Four-Phases of Holding a Hand Balance – Get this Right and the Battle is Won! Get this Wrong and You’re Doomed to Failure
-Why Bob Jones believes you shouldn’t even use the word handstand and what that means for you
-Gymnasts today have it wrong! How to use you back bend for easier balancing and when and why you should straighten it
-How to Balance. Hint: It’s not using your ears
-Positioning your hands can make all the difference in the world. Find out when and how you should move your hands for optimal performance on any stunt

You owe it to yourself to be able to do the most basic of hand balancing. Even the simple handstand will give you strength you can’t get anywhere else as well as a valuable special body awareness that will help the rest of your training. Most of the old-time strongman who hold records still unbroken had some experience in this area, while others, like Otto Arco and Sig Klein, were great hand balancers.
Book gives Ability to do the Handstand
“I was completely unable to do handstand before this course, now I can.”
Chris Court – Gloucester, MA

Author of Bodyweight Exercises for Extraordinary Strength says:

“Logan, I received the book yesterday and it is excellent! I appreciate this book on several different levels. I enjoyed the stories about the authors. The details that were presented could only be provided by people who are masters of their feats. I cannot wait to get further into this!”
Brad Johnson – Haysville, KS
Move On To More Amazing Hand Balancing Feats

If you are already a proficient hand balancer you will not be disappointed. Get taken from your first press all the way to such stunts as the planche, finger balancing, one hand stands and many more.

As you progress you will start to see unbelievable results. You will pull off stunts that weeks ago you though were impossible to do.

-A Full Chapter on Presses and how to do them – Build the strength to press anything overhead while you develop a pair of arms that are a sight to see.
-Save any balance from going to your feet with shoulder weaving and other tricks of the trade. A must learn skill for the advanced man.
-The addition of Tumbling Drills to add dynamism to your balancing. With a little acrobatic ability you can pull of these impressive stunts with ease.
-Progression up to Jones’ famed Thumb Balance from pushups to handstands. How would you like mind-blowing strength in your forearms and fingers?
-Two Chapters on One Arm Balancing – How To Train the Skills and the Correct Hand and Body Placement. You can be one of the few that actually masters this skill when so many others give up in frustration.
-The Correct Position of the Planche and why you may be doing it wrong.
-Impress a Crowd with two Exhibition Routines.

The Human Body’s Capabilities

“If seeing is believing, what I see and what I am trying to copy, is my inspiration. Make no mistake about it, the marvels in this book, these gentlemen you will see in the book, and what they could do, isn’t something one can do over night, but given drive, and want, such as my want to do more with my body than walk around and eat cheese burgers, yes, it’s well within the human body’s capabilities. I started out with hand stand push ups to gain upper body strength, but now, I am learning my body is a living testament of it’s design. You will too, just give it a try.”
Wesley Roberts – Pleasant View, TN
Alligator Walks, Tiger Bends, and Fish Tail Press-ups, OH MY!
There is just so many things covered in this book that I can’t begin to explain them all.

Nothing else in the world of physical culture seems to astonish quite like hand balancing. Throwing large weights around is not enough to strike awe in most average men, but the strength, skill, and grace it takes to do any hand balancing, even the basic handstand, just has the power to amaze everyone.

Perform a difficult stunt in front of any group of people and you’ll see their jaws drop to the floor.

Few people can do a tiger bend but to achieve one on a single arm is just downright unbelievable (and this move is covered in the book). They say seeing is believing which brings me on to my next point…
The Photos Alone Are Worth The Price Of The Whole Book

That’s right! This the only hand balancing course showing real photos to demonstrate the exercises.

 Inside you’ll find the most incredible pictures demonstrating each and every skill. In fact there are hundreds of photos, and what you see on this page is a just a tiny portion.

Many of the basic skills have photos showing not just how to do the exercise correctly but several photos displaying the common mistakes. And then you have frame-by-frame movie strips displaying a few of the gymnastic skills such as the rock-up to a handstand.

The last chapter, the Inspirational Photo Section, shows the most amazing hand balancing, hand-to-hand, and pyramid building photos ever seen, many of which have never been completed since. Just trying to duplicate all these feats would take many lifetimes of work because these are, beyond doubt, pictures of the best ever.

(You gotta see what the Prison Team from San Quentin could do, look at Page 125.)
It Is Called “The True Art And Science Of Hand Balancing” For Good Reason.
Hand Balancing is an art. Seeing a master of the game displaying what he can do is simply magnificent. This book will teach you how to add the flair that will
astonish any crowd. A true mark of an expert is the ability to make what he does look easy.

In order to make something not only look easy but also make it effortless to perform, it is necessary to learn scientific principles. These principles will teach you how to correctly leverage you body and position your hands and limbs to give you the ultimate in efficiency and ease in every stunt you perform.

From Handstand on the Wall to Handstands away from the Wall
“The handbalancing book is just awesome. Very detailed and very well done and I’ve always loved old-school type of training and courses. Since I have been doing handstand training for quite sometime and since then I wanted to try handstand training without the wall. I realize it takes time and patience and so I will follow how it works and work into styles I’ve learned, adding in what’s in the course itself. Its going to be fun, challenging and tough as hell. Keep it up my friend and I’m sure whatever you bring out next I will grab.”
Ben Bergman – Santa Cruz, CA
The Best Information But Not The Best Format

The book was originally written by Professor Paulinetti. Bob Jones came along years later and expanded the course by adding additional photos and a series of magazine articles to flesh out many details.

You should have seen the original. An article would start on one page, continue two pages later, then finish off with another paragraph a couple more pages down. Don’t even ask about the text that ran up and down the page sideways. I did my best to re-format the book to make it easier to read by spending hours to scan and re-type the work.

What you will be getting is much friendly on the eyes. A few of the articles may appear to just be stories but go through them and you can pick up some informative gems, as well as being entertained.

For example, when you get your book, feel free to skip ahead to Chapter 7 to learn the full details on how to do the hand balance. Just know that everything is covered and you won’t be disappointed.
“Okay Logan – So What’s It Cost For This Incredible Book?”
It is hard to put a price on this book as it would save a novice hand balancer years of frustration and poor performance. With 14 Chapters, over 120 pages of jam-packed information and the most unbelievable photos ever, you can’t go wrong.

I found the original book by a stroke of luck, as well as shelling out a small fortune to obtain it. There was a lot of work and effort put into bringing this book back to life, and saving it from fading away into obscurity. Now it is in an easy to read form and you can reap the benefits for a low price, much less than I paid.

I recently saw an original copy floating around on eBay. You would need luck on your side because this is a super rare find. Mind you that this one was for Paulinetti’s original course without all of Jones’ additions, as well. Check out the winning bid price:

Over $150! Pretty outrageous right. But don’t worry you won’t have to pay even close to that much.

You can get your hands on this course for the low price of $39 for the ebook version

You can’t get this kind of information anywhere else and this price will not hold forever. Don’t wait, grab onto this opportunity to learn how to Hand Balance from THE Masters. And if for some reason it’s not what you expected…

Guarantee That You Will Become A Better Hand Balancer

With a glance inside, I am sure you will agree that this book is worth far more than the price you pay. This information is so good, I guarantee that not only will you enjoy it but that it will make you better at hand balancing. And you have 60 days to make sure.

I couldn’t understand why, but if for some reason this book is not what you are looking for, and you no longer want the help of Paulinetti and Jones, just send it back and receive a full refund. The fact that I have received very few returns over several years stands as a testament to what’s inside.
You Have Everything To Gain And Nothing To Lose
I am confident that you want to learn from the best in the hand balancing game. With this knowledge you can go from zero to hero with a bit of hard work and consistent effort, knowing that you are on the correct path. You probably won’t be duplicating Paulinetti’s One-Arm Planche anytime soon, but you can be doing handstands the right way and much more in less than a week.

Don’t risk hand balancing without knowing the proper way to do it! This book can save you tons of frustration and time. Without it you may join those thousands who at one time wanted to learn a handstand but gave up because it was too hard. Instead join the thousands of others you can hold a handstand with ease and do much more.

From beginner to advance trainee this book will teach you the secrets you need, with a money back guarantee.

Good Luck and Good Handbalancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Imagine how you’ll feel when you confidently press into a handstand and walk around in complete control in front of you friends and family. They will be astounded at your ability and you can look back and know that getting this book was the beginning.

P.S.S. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s a few more people raving about The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing:
Book is Great Quality
“I recently made a purchase from the website. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The quality of the book is excellent (it is actually a book I have been looking for quite some time without much success), the order was processed quickly, and when I had questions I received a response within hours. All around I am pleased with my purchase. Thanks for the great site!”
– Sergeant First Class Justin Sprankle of Holgate, OH

“Inspired me beyond belief, corrected subtle elements of my technique, given me many drills and progressions to work through”
– David Kelso of Glasgow, United Kingdom

“I’m able to hold a handstand for a couple seconds which is giving me confidence to continue on.”
– Paul Aronen

“The book was great, all the pictures were excellent, the book helped me improve my hand balancing abilities.”
– Nathaniel Day of New Richmond, OH

Eyes Opened to Wide Possibilities

“The True Art and Science helped open my eyes to what I never knew was possible. I always thought of a hand stand and a 1 hand hand stand as all there was to hand balancing. Then to see Bob Jones on 1 finger of each hand was amazing!”
– Felix Cincotta of Feeding Hills, MA

“Teaches the fine details of balancing – that control rather than brute strength is the key.”
– Nigel Stewart of Bermuda

“In terms of success with the book I would say that within the first week of practicing daily i was for the fist time able to hold a handstand for 4 seconds. This might not seem like a lot but it was the first time I managed it without instantly collapsing which was a huge milestone for me.”
– Adam Walton of of Chester, United Kingdom

“I have to say that these books allows people to have the OPPORTUNITY to learn handbalancing (HB) in the first place. It takes a area of fitness, exercise, and physical training that is exclusive to individuals like acrobats and gymnasts. Martial Artists and breakdancers also practice handbalancing but they don’t teach handbalancing like an ART or SCIENCE. I guarantee you won’t find “School of Handbalancing” by looking in the yellow pages. Handbalancing
is a long, difficult journey that gives rewarding results!”
– Sly Chatman of Pheonix, AZ

“Reading over the chapters over and over again helps me to focus on the key details when I practice the handstand.”
– Jarlo Ilano of Honolulu, HW

“It has helped me on how to approach basic skills that I learned differently (i.e. kick up to handstand) and is a great inspiration with all the old school photos.”
– Markus Beer of Burgthann, Germany

“I’ve been handbalancing for a couple of years now, but recently I hit a huge plateau. The book made me overcome this plateau very easily. There are various feats in it which I didn’t even dream about. And it draws a clear picture about the techniques and forms, so now I have a good understanding of what I’m doing and why.”
– Kálmán Attila of Budapest

“I also received the ‘True Art and Science of Hand Balancing’ today. This too is so full of information it is mind numbing. I know what I will be doing for the rest of my life!”
– Dennis Plansky of Green Bay, WI

By Far The Best Thing in Hand Balancing Training
“I am soooooo glad I bought the true art and science of hand balancing!!!! I recieved just over two weeks ago and I must say that it is by far the best thing out there in terms of hand balancing training. Naturally I started straight away and already I’ve gone from not being able to do a handstand to being able to hold a solid handstand for ten seconds. Once I’ve gotten through the manual I will not hesitate to get the others in the series. Maybe one day I may be able to do the feats of Paulinetti!!! Thank you Logan for a superb product” – Bertram Nnanyere of Kent, United Kingdom

This Book is Definitely a Must and is Worth Every Penny!

“I started handbalancing nearly an year ago and I love it, especially hand walking. I read on a forum about the lostartofhandbalancing site and from there I bought this magic book…it’s amazing!! It corrected my errors and I’m becoming everyday,with just some postures improvement, able to endure more and to walk longer distance with my hands. I also learned to do the basic pressups and I found on this course a lot of excellent informations and beautiful oldtime photos of various handbalancers.”
Antonio from Venica

This Book is Not a Good Book, It’s a Great Book

“For the first few months I was ok but realised I was going wrong in technique in so many ways, I could just feel it was wrong. I am a very coordinated person physically but it just wasn’t right. I logged on and found your site, watched your secrets of handstands clips and ordered your book. After that I knew I wanted to keep going with it so dropped off pilates and now am going strong. My body hasn’t complained nor has my back and feels stronger yet again. I have recently had the wrist problems but after buying the book the lost art of handbalancing I have re-learnt my form and the wrists are happy and my handstand is properly balanced (by the way it took me one week to get the handstand over 10 seconds, a terrible stand however). After reading chapter 7, and doing no further specific strengthening, my stand time increased and now I stand in proper balance. A good handstand for me now is 30-40 seconds usually first or second attempt.”
Michael Quartermaine from Australia

“I just purchased my second copy of The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing. I bought my first copy over a year ago and lost it during a move. I thought it was pretty good the first time I read it, so I ordered a replacement copy. I do like the historical aspects covered in the book, and the chapters on planche and one-arm handstand are still instructive, despite all the other material I’ve read and watched elsewhere. You see hand balancing in Cirque du Soleil shows and other modern formats, but it’s interesting to see it being done around the turn of the century in the accompanying photos. I feel like this book really completes my collection of hand balancing books and other gymnastics and bodyweight strength books. Reading my newest copy, I picked up more pointers on these moves. That theory will be useful as I build towards those more advanced moves. Now that I’m doing free-standing handstands (unlike when I read it the first time), some of the details and descriptions make more sense to me. ”
-Brent Johnson from Oklahoma
If you're not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, you have 60 days to let us know and we'll refund every penny.
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