How to do the One Hand Handstand

Your Roadmap to a One Hand Handstand…Guaranteed!

One Arm HandstandThe One Arm Handstand is at least 10 times as difficult as the normal handstand. Just about every single aspiring hand balancer wants to master this trick far and above any other because it is so damn cool.

They say only one in a hundred people can hold a handstand. And out of those less than one in a thousand can do this amazing stunt. That means less than 1 in 100,000 can do it.

How would you like to be that one?

I have seen lots written about this subject but I must say, there is no better instruction then in this book on how to do a one hand handstand.

Here are some of the details inside:

  • 17 Exercises to Build the Strength and Stability You Need to Hold this Trick (My Personal Favorites are the Wig-Wag and Heavy Hold-Ups)
  • How to Start at the Half-Way Mark
  • Tips on Fingertip Control (Even More Essential for the One Hand Stand)
  • 8 Lead-up Exercises that will develop the Control, Strength, and Stability you require for the One Hand Handstand
  • The Correct Hand Positions
  • The Two Leg Positions you should go after and which ones to avoid
  • The RIGHT WAY to learn the One Hand Handstand
  • How to Ease your way into the Correct Position
  • And more


How to do the One Hand Handstand Book for $29.95

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How to do a One Hand Handstand Book

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