Stunning Horizontal Bar Performance by Kohei Uchmura

2014 World Gymnastics Championships was held in China last month and Kohei Uchmura won the men’s all-around final. This was Kohei’s 5th World title, but he also holds the Olympic title, making him one of the best gymnasts in the history.

His performance on the horizontal bar left quite an impression on me and I thought it’s worth sharing with you.

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How to Bail Safely

If you are just getting started with parkour, it would be wise to learn how to land safely. In this video from Caleb you’ll learn how to master a basic landing technique, ways to bounce back when you miss a jump, land safely while falling back, to sides or forward.

The video takes advantage of annotations in a great way, letting you jump to a specific part of the video with a click of a button.

Most people are capable of performing basic acrobatic skills before they advance to parkour. This package is made for all those who want to learn how to flip, perform a handspring, somersaults and much more.

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Crazy Handstand Compilation

This compilation contains video footage of some of the best new and old videos on flexibility, one hand handstands, handstand pushups variations and tons of presses.

Also, get ready for walking and jumping on hands, tiger bends, two fingers 90 degree pushup, many handstand variations…And other stuff The Lost Art of Hand Balancing is all about! Enjoy.

By the way, you can get Walking and Jumping On Your Hands for 50% Off right now.

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Handstand Stretching Drills

Apart from regular training, achieving your first handstand requires quite a bit of flexibility as well, especially for the straight handstand. Here are some great stretches to improve your flexibility for this particular handstand variation.

There are four stretching drills in the video – active dynamic, active static, passive dynamic and passive static. As you might have guessed, I like the one with the gymnast bridge the most.

In fact, I just recently wrote an article at Breaking Muscle on this very move in relation to back and shoulder pain. Check it out here.

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Walking and Jumping on Hands

Check out this compilation by Nick Hallowell where he shows excellent hand balancing skills.

It’s particularly amusing to see him walking up and down the stairs as well as that clapping handstand pushup. I don’t remember seeing that one before! His handstand style and leg positioning are rather interesting, too.

One of the best resources for these moves is by far Walking and Jumping On Your Hands by Professor Orlick. Get it here now to learn these awesome moves.

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Lil Donnie’s Freerunning Compilation

Today we have another video featuring a kid, a ten-year-old Donnie who shows his own free running style. The video start slowly with relatively simple tumbling moves, but young Donnie goes on to show his abilities while performing backflips, front/back handsprings, wall spins, front flips and much more.

Donnie says he trains to express creativity and chooses songs which inspire him for the videos himself. It’s never too late to start training and become as good as you want to be at tumbling. Click here to start your tumbling training.

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Ninety Degree Pushups

This six year-old kid easily shells out 20 of these bad asses. The world record is 13!  You can watch the World Record video here. The kid in the video below even has a better balance control, along with the perfect form.

To keep things in perspective, it’s worth mentioning that kids have a better strength/weight ratio than adults do. Still, I don’t know anyone who was that strong at the age of 6! The future looks bright for the little fellow.

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Running a Human Loop

We haven’t had a Damien Walters video for a while and this one is pretty awesome. If you didn’t know, Damien is one of the greatest acrobats in the world and this video just goes to show what he is capable of.

We’ve seen bicycles, bikes and even cars running a loop. But what about using your own feet instead?

It’s really worth watching the whole thing, despite the fact that it’s basically a commercial for a soft drink.

If you want to be able to tumble and run like Damien Walters, there is a lot of practice ahead of you. But let me point you in the right direction – Tumbling and Acrobatics Starter Package.

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Impressive Moves by Simon Ata

Breakdancers, especially professional one have to be in an absolutely stunning form to be able to perform flawlessly and stay injury-free. For this they rely on incredible strength,  speed, precision and endurance.

We already had one video from Simon “Simonster” Ata from Australia, but this one includes a couple of break-dance moves as well. Get ready for planche pushups (and what a great form too!), backflips, handstand presses and much more.

Grab your Tumbling and Acrobatics Starter Package today and with some practice you’ll be able to impress others while moving your body in amazing ways too!

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One Arm Compilation

I stumbled upon this inspiring compilation of one arm workout videos from Russia. Unfortunately, video embedding was disabled by request. But you can still click here and watch it on YouTube.

It seems like the art of hand balancing and bodyweight training is definitely not lost in Russia, as they perform very hard moves, including:

  • One arm handstand
  • One arm planche
  • One arm chin up
  • One arm superman
  • One arm horizontal pullup
  • One finger chin-ups! (1:10)
  • One arm hand-to-hand handstand
  • And many more

Click here to learn how to do the one hand handstand.

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