Running a Human Loop

We haven’t had a Damien Walters video for a while and this one is pretty awesome. If you didn’t know, Damien is one of the greatest acrobats in the world and this video just goes to show what he is capable of.

We’ve seen bicycles, bikes and even cars running a loop. But what about using your own feet instead?

It’s really worth watching the whole thing, despite the fact that it’s basically a commercial for a soft drink.

If you want to be able to tumble and run like Damien Walters, there is a lot of practice ahead of you. But let me point you in the right direction – Tumbling and Acrobatics Starter Package.

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Impressive Moves by Simon Ata

Breakdancers, especially professional one have to be in an absolutely stunning form to be able to perform flawlessly and stay injury-free. For this they rely on incredible strength,  speed, precision and endurance.

We already had one video from Simon “Simonster” Ata from Australia, but this one includes a couple of break-dance moves as well. Get ready for planche pushups (and what a great form too!), backflips, handstand presses and much more.

Grab your Tumbling and Acrobatics Starter Package today and with some practice you’ll be able to impress others while moving your body in amazing ways too!

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One Arm Compilation

I stumbled upon this inspiring compilation of one arm workout videos from Russia. Unfortunately, video embedding was disabled by request. But you can still click here and watch it on YouTube.

It seems like the art of hand balancing and bodyweight training is definitely not lost in Russia, as they perform very hard moves, including:

  • One arm handstand
  • One arm planche
  • One arm chin up
  • One arm superman
  • One arm horizontal pullup
  • One finger chin-ups! (1:10)
  • One arm hand-to-hand handstand
  • And many more

Click here to learn how to do the one hand handstand.

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Movement Pyramid in Relation to Handstands

Most would agree that the straight handstand is a bit more advanced than the curved handstand, gymnasts in particular. There are certainly pros to going straight for the straight handstand in the beginning of your handstand career, but the curved handstand is a very viable option as well.

Having said that, here’s a great video for those looking to learn how to perform the straight handstand. Emmet Louis uses movement pyramid to explain what you need to work on before starting the straight handstand training. It’s all about getting basic stuff like mobility and stability in order before gradually moving to the specific movement itself, in this case a handstand.

Hand Balancing Made Easy is currently 50% Off! Grab it while the promotion lasts.

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Hand Balancing Act and Jumping on One Hand

A video of a woman performing hand balancing act from 2009 went viral again on YouTube. Here’s the original, long version of that video featuring incredibly strong woman practicing tough hand balancing routine on hand balancing canes.

Lack of space, a domestic setting and children in the background are no match for Anait Seyranyan, a professional Moscow-born hand balancer. Here’s another great video from Anait where she jumps from one arm to another on the hand balancing stand.

She also manages to stay in near-vertical position in a one arm handstand, which is definitely something you don’t see every day. Make sure to check out 17 Exercises to Build the Strength and Stability for the one arm handstand in How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor E.M. Orlick.

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Single Arm Pike Press-Up by Roilan

Roilan Hernandez is a professional Cuban born hand balancer who now lives and performs in the USA. He is one of a few hand balancers capable of performing the single elbow lever press to single arm handstand, single finger stand and similar incredible feats of strength.

In the video above Rolian shows terrific skill and strength with the single arm pike press followed by a pop-up at the end.

Simply amazing!

Hand Balancing Made Easy is an awesome book for anyone looking to learn the ropes of the art of hand balancing. Get it here.

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Old School Hand Balancing

Little John Seidel is one of the best old-school hand balancers. In the video below you can see 24 year-old John jumping on one hand, performing various handstand presses, balancing on a stick and much more, before ending the show with an amazing one hand spin at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris. They certainly don’t make them like that anymore.

John is truly an incredible athlete who is still doing handstands today at the age of 76! Don’t believe me? Check out the picture below from his Facebook page.

Click here to master your handstand, step by step!

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Hand Balancing Warm-up

Whether you lift weights or train only using your body weight, preparing for a workout is a must to avoid injuries. The same goes for hand balancing, which requires thorough warm-up.

Using various warm-up workouts with wrist extensions/flexions shown in the video above, your fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders will be sufficiently warmed-up to start your hand balancing routine. Get your copy of The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing and start your hand balancing journey today.

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Tumbling and Balancing in 1950’s

Here are three awesome videos from the 1950’s. They were all uploaded by Russ Hany, so make sure to check out his channel here as he has more videos from that era.

The first one is from 1950 with people performing a couple of basic tumbling moves like backward, forward and side rolls. There are also two guys walking on their hands.

The next video from 1952 features pretty impressive acrobalance duo/trio.

And here’s another one with some very cool moves, like the tiger bend, handsprings, rolls, somersaults and much more. From 1953.

Not everyone wants to learn how to perform all these moves. But you should at least have basic tumbling skills and be able to role, perform backwards somersault and cartwheel. Click here and learn the basics!

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Crazy Power Tumbling by Aaron Cook

Aaron Cook is one of the best power gymnasts in the USA. He won the 2012 American Jr Champion in Power Tumbling and this is a compilation of his amazing skills, featuring incredible feats like the quad backflip, speedy back and front handsprings, standing double backflips and much more. Some of the tracks shown in the video contain springy fiberglass rods, resulting in some crazy bounce. Enjoy the show!

Don’t forget to check out the special Tumbling and Acrobatics Starter Package to learn how to perform these awesome moves.

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