Front Splits One Arm Balancing

Some of you may know that I managed to fulfill one of my goals last year and achieve front splits.

Kim took the whole thing to the next level and actually balanced on one hand while grabbing her front foot and performing the front split. Pretty impressive stuff right there!

If you’re suffering from poor flexibility I strongly recommend you to check out Focused Flexibility by GBM.

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Crucial Drill for Freestanding Handstand Pushups

The pike pushup is an indispensable drill for working your way up to freestanding handstand pushups. Not only does it help you build enough shoulder strength for HSPU’s, but it also improves your balance during the descend.

The major points here are to learn how to pull your shoulders towards the ears in the start position and activate your lats on the way down while pulling elbows towards each other.

Check out Hand Balancing For The Bodyweight Athlete by Global Bodyweight Training if you’d like step-by-step instructions for mastering various hand balancing styles.


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How to Get Over Your Fear of Doing a Handstand

Fear of falling down while doing a handstand is a very common one in people who are just starting out their hand balancing journey.

Dan Jeong shows two ways to get out of the handstand and explains that it’s not only easy to prevent falling down, but the fall itself is usually nothing to worry about since it doesn’t really hurt.

Ready to start your hand balancing journey now? Head over to this page and start implementing what you learn right from the bat.

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Develop Strength for One Arm Handstand

Today’s video comes from Chris Silcox and it’s an excellent one focused on building strength for one arm handstand, assuming you’re already comfortable with the regular handstand. It’s jam-packed with different exercises that’ll keep you busy for months.

You can take action right away by practicing these drills and begin your journey to the one arm handstand today. Expect for last two drills which require hand balancing blocks and hand balancing stands, you don’t need anything else beside a wall. What are you waiting for?

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One Armed Handstand On The Edge

Some people avoid practicing a handstand as they are afraid of falling down, whereas others take hand balancing to other extremes. Eskil Ronningsbakken is one of the latter risking his life while performing a handstand 2,000ft above a fjord in Norway, followed by a one arm handstand.

Eskil makes use of visualization to prepare for this and similar acts, which I believe plays a very important role in his success.

If you don’t practice visualization, you’re missing out on very powerful addition to your training.Unlock greater strength and skill with Advanced Hypnotic Visualization Athlete Training.

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Spectacular One Arm Handstand Control by Andrey Moraru

Andrey Moraru is hand balancer from Moldova who joined a circus at the age of 11 and specialized in hand balancing.Even with that much experience under his belt, the balance and control of his moves is still astonishing.

The title of the video speaks for itself.

While I can’t promise you that you’ll be able to master one arm handstand quickly, I CAN show you the fastest way to master the regular handstand. Click here to find out more.

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Incredible Calisthenics Moves by Andrea Larosa

In today’s video we have calisthenics practitioner from Italy, Andrea Larosa, showing various moves in his video compilation including one handed L-sit, planche pushups, handstand variations, bent arm presses and much more, both on bars and ground.

Interesting in bodyweigh training? My Beginner’s Handstand System is worth checking out in order to build foundational strength and gradually progress to more advanced bodyweight exercises.

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How to Perform a Human Flag On Parallel Bars

61 year old Paul Scott often hangs out at the Santa Monica Rings where he can be seen performing the human flag and holding it for quite some time. In this very cool video he gives instructions on the human flag using parallel bars to a random guy who just happened to be there and wanted to learn.

I’ve never seen this technique before. It relies on using legs to get upside down and then slowly laying your body out using parallel bars.

More in-depth tutorial on how to do the human flag on regular poles can be found here.

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Three Simple Drills on Hand Balancing Blocks

Another video from Yuval Ayalon brings us three simple hand balancing drills on cubes, which can be done separately or in combination depending on one’s skill level. These are great for those who are still new to training on hand balancing canes and serve as a good preparation tool for more advanced moves.

For more information on these cubes feel free to contact Yuval at yuvalonhands (at) gmail dot com, but if you’re more interested in hand balancing canes head over to this page right now.

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Extraordinary Head Balancing Moves

While a handstand takes some practice and time to achieve, it’s still a fairly easy move to learn and perform. On the other hand, freestanding head balancing is a whole different kind of beast which requires immense balancing capabilities  strong core and neck as well. And Dan in the video below definitely has one!

Enjoy this fantastic video on freestanding head balancing on a stump.

Do NOT attempt to replicate this if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can lead to very serious injuries, especially in beginners. I’d strongly recommend building a strong and flexible neck first and foremost. Find the best way to do this here.

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