How to Perform Backroll to Handstand

Performing back roll to a handstand is a pretty cool exercise by itself, but it’s also very beneficial for those looking to improve their back handsprings. Make sure to learn how to perform a handstand first and master basic rolls before you attempt this move.

  1. Get use to doing regular forward and back rolls. Tumbling and Acrobatics Starter Package contains everything you need to learn these basic moves.
  2. Move up to higher rolls and get comfortable with them. You’ll know you’re ready for the next step once you start using your legs to kick up, instead of relying on arms strength.
  3. Push-up harder with your arms while rolling back while trying to gain control, but do not attempt to get into a handstand yet.
  4. Instead of going straight for the rollback to handstand, roll forward OUT of the handstand and then practice rolling back to the handstand
  5. The last step is to master syhronizing kick-up with the pushing up of the arms.

Have fun!

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How to Land Safely From the Parallettes Handstand

The first part of the video from GMB covers how to get out of bent arm stand, but for purpose of this post we’ll focus on the second part which teaches us how to bail out from a handstand on parallettes. The technique used for both is pretty similar anyway – a cartwheel, but with a twist.

Instead of going up and over, this technique relies on:

  • Pushing, twisting and going out at an angle
  • Keeping your arms straight
  • Gradual practice of kicking up and going over

For this and other exercises which can be done with or without parallettes, make sure to check out Gold Medal Bodies Parallettes Training program.


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Simple But Effective Drill for Handstand Newbies

If you’re just starting out with handstand training, this is a perfect drill for you.

Many people are finding it difficult to go straight into the wall supported handstand and this drill by Emmet Louis is designed to get you used to being upside down and help you strengthen the core in a safe and gradual manner.

To learn the four phases of holding a handstand and achieve the free standing handstand as soon as possible, check out The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing by Professor Paulinetti and Bob Jones.


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Seemingly Effortless 30 Freestanding Handstand Pushups

This guy managed to achieve his goal for 2015 and perform 30 freestanding handstand pushups. He mentions being able to churn out only 10-15 a year ago, whereas the plan for the end of 2015 is 50 freestanding handstand pushups.

And I am pretty sure he’s going to make it.

Start your handstand training today and achieve your own goals as soon as possible.

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Difficult Hand Balancing Compilation

16 year-old Artem from Rusia shows incredible strength and balance in this video compilation of difficult handstands and planches, including wide grip handstands, a planche and handstand on a rope, a one arm handstand and much more. Artem’s planche looks particularly awesome.

Make sure to check out Artem’s YouTube channel for more videos. To get started with your handstand training, click here.

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Few Tips to Help You Master One Hand Handstand Hops

Performing a one arm handstand is hard enough, but if you’re already advanced enough you might be interested in a few tips on how to do one arm handstand hops. Shen from Runaway Circus crew makes it looks easy, but it’s definitely something that requires a lot of practice.

Depending on your abilities, you may start with a regular handstand and then transfer to a one hand handstand or just go straight for the one hand handstand. From there on make sure to use your knees and hips to launch yourself toward the sky, instead of just kicking with your legs. Use that momentum and power from the hips to keep going.

If you’d like to learn other jumping moves, like Clapping Jumps, Jumps for Distance, Jumping Up and Down Stairs and much more, make sure to check out Walking and Jumping on Your Hands by Professor Orlick.

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Six Ways to Get Into a Handstand

There are numerous ways to get into a handstand and in this fairly short video Al Kavadlo shows 6 of his favorite ones:

  • Kick-up with hands in the air
  • Kick-up with Hands on the floor
  • Frog Jump
  • Crow pose press-up
  • Headstand press-up
  • Straddle press-up

If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life without a gym membership, Raising the Bar by Al Kavadlo is well worth the read.

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Spectacular Handstand Hops by Yuval Ayalon

We had a guest blog post from Yuval Ayalon a couple of months ago on his amazing 10 minute handstand feat. Today we have a much shorter, but equally impressive video.

While in a perfect straight handstand form, Yuval performs a series of very small and controlled jumps forward.

Before trying out this drill, Yuval recommends learning how to do and hold a handstand, initiating the hop with legs instead from your shoulders, keeping those shoulders elevated and finally – starting with only one hop.

Get your copy of “Walking and Jumping On Your Hands” today and discover the easy methods of learning to walk and jump on my hands.

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4 Tips to Keep Your Wrists Injury-Free

Hand balancing in general puts an awful lot of pressure on wrists and it’s essential to keep them safe and injury-free. To make sure nothing like that happens to you, follow these four rules by Tapp Brothers:

1. Always Warm Up
2. Develop Forearm & Wrist Strength
3. Build Up Flexibility
4. Don’t Over-train

The issue #8 of the Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle focuses exclusively on making your elbows, wrists and fingers indestructible. If you’d like to buy that single issue, drop me an email at for a custom link. It features 13 drills for wrists alone!

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Solid Handstand Obstacle Course by Dave Durante

Walking on hands is a feat by itself, let alone while overcoming physical obstacles at the same time.

A handstand obstacle course by Dave Durante is quite impressive and it even includes handstand pushups, among walking on hands for almost two minutes up an down various mats and other obstacles.

Ready to try something similar yourself? Click here to learn how to walk on your hands first.

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