How to Progress to a Front Lever

Ryan from Gold Medal Bodies goes deep into front level progressions and shows one of the ways to work your way up to a front level. Below are the recommended steps, but make sure to watch the entire video to fully understand them.

1. The mini pull – To strengthen up your scapula
2. Straight arm chest pullups – To increase ROM
3. Mini pulls with knee pulls – Improve core strength
4. The front tuck
5. The front tuck to the open front tuck
6. Tuck for reps
7. Tuck with leg extensions

Your gym doesn’t have gymnastic rings? Get them here.

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Artistic Balancing on Hand Balancing Canes

A hand balancer from Russia, Nikita Sukhanov, recently released a new video full of powerful balancing moves on hand balancing stands performed in a controlled manner. My favorite parts are at 0:43 and 2:55.

Apart from great strength and coordination, these and similar hand-balancing moves require a great deal of flexibility. If you’d like to increase ranges of motion, decrease pain and become MUCH more flexible, make sure to check out GMB Focused Flexibility.

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How To Strengthen Your Wrists

Having enough wrist strength is a crucial part of an injury-free handstand training. Furthermore, not everyone has enough flexibility to keep their hand back 90 degrees for an extended period of time.

In this video by Chris Silcox you can learn several techniques to improve your wrist strength, flexibility and general upper body strength needed for various hand-balancing moves.

If you’re looking to truly make your entire body indestructible, check out this guide to improve mobility, flexibility and strength.

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How to Build Your Own Hand Balancing Stands

There are many reasons for using hand balancing canes. They obviously help with the balance, but can also be very useful for learning hand-to-hand handstands. Others use it to relieve wrist pressure or to gain more control.

Building hand balancing stands is not for everyone, but you can certainly build a set or two yourself and save some bucks – although this heavily depends on how much your time is worth to you.

If you’d like to skip that and just order one instead, you can do so here.

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Balancing on Knifes

There are acrobats in almost every season of America’s Got Talent and the latest one is no different. Two Vladimir’s from Ukraine are seen performing a lot of hand-to-hand balancing acts followed by a daring act in which one of them balances on top of another via knifepoint.

Pretty scary stuff, especially considering their previous hand-to-hand move was a bit wobbly.

Do you think they’ll make it far into the show?

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Basic One Arm Handstand Goodies by Miguel Santana

Miguel Santana is a Brazilian native hand balancing coach who travels the world with other well-known balancers like Yuri Marmestein, Sammy Dinnen, Yuval Ayalon and does what he loves – teaches people how to improve their hand balancing skills.

In the video below Miguel shows, what he considers to be, three basic one-arm positions: full position, half straddle and full straddle. These basic moves begin at 1:30 mark, but don’t miss the action before that part!

Don’t forget to like Miguel’s Facebook page here if you enjoyed the video.

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Wicked Moves on Hand Balancing Stands by Imogen Huzel

Despite occasional silly moments from the author, the quality of moves in the video is actually pretty high. I especially enjoyed the part where the artist goes from the perfect one-arm handstand to a tucked in position.

Imogen is a student at the university of circus in Stockholm, DOCH and her speciality is hand balancing.

Do you know how to do the one hand handstand yet? If not, click here to learn a skill that’s at least 10 times as difficult as the normal handstand.

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2 Common Handstand Kick Up Issues (and how to solve them)

The freestanding handstand is not an easy move to perform, but to even get there you have to learn how to kick up (and make sure your handstand against the wall is solid, but that’s another story). Even though people usually don’t expect to have trouble with this part, underkicking or overkicking still proves to be an issue for many.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to safely kick up into a handstand.

Ready for more advanced stuff? Learn how to walk and jump on your hands here.

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Do You Make These 4 Press to Handstand Mistakes?

We already had several videos from Yuri Marmerstein and there’s a reason for it. He’s an awesome hand balancer! Today, Yuri teaches us about four common press to handstand mistakes.

  1. Downward Shoulder Collapse – Try to keep your shoulders in the same position throughout the weight transfer.
  2. Forward Shoulder Collapse – Keep your arms at straight angle instead of bending forward.
  3. Early Hip Extension – Only open your hips once the shoulders and back have aligned.
  4. Failure to Articulate Spine – Get used to manipulating your spine as opposed to keeping your back straight at all times.

Don’t forget to visit Yuri’s blog, some very cool stuff can be found there. It also wouldn’t hurt to pick up one of the hand balancing courses/books from this page!

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Five Ab Workouts on Parallel Bars

It’s pretty much impossible to become an excellent hand balancer if don’t have very strong abs. Without strong abs your back has to over compensate and you don’t want that.

Here are five exercises by Incite Fitness on parallel bars which will help strengthen your abs:

1. Leg Raises
2. X’s
3. Scissors
4. Knee tucks
5. L-Seats

Some of these are pretty advanced, so you might want to start with something a bit easier. Check out my Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises to discover the best bodyweight exercises for abs development with tons of progression workouts.

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